Hi, I've always enjoyed reading your character analysis essays, so I'd like to ask what was your interpretation of the latest Free! ep?Most seem really happy with the shipping, yet I can't help but feel a bit disappointed. I'd thought that Makoto taking up the freestyle was a step forward, in which he starts to walk towards his own future (and not hold back because of Haru). But in the end he did it because of Haru, which feels like he's still in the slightly destructive obsessive love.



Well … okay. I have thoughts on the episode that are separate from what you posited, but I feel like I have to address what you said first.

A disclaimer: I am very, very much like Makoto when it comes to his relationships with those close to him, particularly when it comes to his love for Haruka. Like, the way he feels about/treats Haru? That’s how I feel/act/treat those that I develop strong feelings for. So believe me when I say that I can very, very well see how it could become harmful and toxic for him. Saying that, I can also say that it isn’t destructive for him right now, largely in part because Haru cares about him just as much. Having been in a toxic, one-sided relationship with a Makoto-like personality, I can say with 100% certainty that Makoto isn’t currently in one. He could be, it could get that way if both Haru and Makoto let it progress to that point, but he isn’t at that point right now. So let’s just quash that notion before we go further, hm?

But to build on it more … Makoto raced Haru not for Haru, specifically (especially because it was the opposite of what Haru wanted), but more for himself.

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Not sure if this has been said before but I love the fact that Makoto gets down to eye level with Hayato most of the time. That’s a technique that many (if not all) experts give when dealing with child communication.
Being on the same level is so important because it helps them feel more in control, safer, and more connected to the adult. It communicates to them that you are there for them and are readily paying attention.

Mamakoto really lives up to the name.


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i was just looking at your free!boxing au and i love it so much! i've actually been boxing for 4 years. i have a suggestion, though. in my mind, makoto's style would be more analogous to his swimming style -- not the best form, but relying on his strength and power. i think he would make a great brawler, trying to end the match quickly because despite his gentle personality, because if anyone has the power to, it's him.


WHOA, that is amazing! 4 years of diligence! 

Yeah, I can see that coming through. It’s one of the styles I had in mind for Makoto. Perhaps ironically because of his personality to be a pacifist, I’d like to think he’d prefer to end a match fast— BUT that would also heavily depend on the situation and the opponent. No arguing that he’s definitely powerful enough to be capable of it if he sets his mind to though.

I really appreciate your suggestions! If by any chance you’re keeping tabs on this AU, please let me know if you think there are any technical misinformation. There’s so much I could learn to keep it accurate and having affirmation from someone with legit experience would be a great assurance no doubt! C: