au where sousuke is a florist
because why the hell not


free! has made it to the final four in mtv’s fandom of the year competition!!! =D it now is the representative for the animation category. (i am so glad~)

the winner of this award will be announced as part of a tv special on sunday night. but you have less than two days to vote. vote many times and spread the word.

i strongly want free! to win because this is a great chance for free!- and anime in general- to get some more attention ^__^ it would be so great to see free! announced as the winner. i need to see that happen… yep

tlaka replied to your post “harukaaaaaaa replied to your photo “THE ONLY EXCUSE I’LL HEAR ON YOUR…”

i love how his nipples are extremely angry lmao what was in that test tube

It’s the concoction of my frustration and anger at misplacing his nipples hahah I’m gonna have to make a post with just all these missing nips—mixed and assorted areola galore. \ o /


fuqdapoleez replied to your photoset

*___* gonna have to take notes on how well you paint this angle— i don’t even Free! but this is gorgeous. (also ngl at a glance i thought the redhead was a commmmmpletely different character whoo oops im blind lol)

GUAH t-thanksFDKJG THO I SAY, there are like 4 redheads in the show. You could so mix and match them up, I’d probably still ship it- LOL and on another note, I’ve been intrigued about Persona for a while and your posts have gotten me even more so. Just don’t know where to start lmao I’ll just jump in ;U


red-dii replied to your photo “THE ONLY EXCUSE I’LL HEAR ON YOUR FACE NOT BEING BUMPED UP TO #ff0000…”


!!!!! OHNO//////