Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: double-sided heart keychain set

Now available for pre-order.


The set has 8 design pairs, with the 8th pair being secret designs. Also available in singles, where you can mix and match all designs (except the secret designs).


Right, so, apparently this is Rome’s Olympic pool at Foro Italico, which was used in the world championships in 2009. That’s neat and all —- but can we talk about how Haruka & Rin are in lane 5 & 6, and considering there appear to be 10 swimmers… Well. You know where I’m going with this, right? That’s pretty significant.

(Wouldn’t they just not use the two outer lanes, for competitions though? Kyoani plz.)


"Rei-chan, I think you’re really going to like this one, it makes me think of you~!"

So I’ve had this little playlist for about a week now, and since my Reigisa stuff is getting pretty popular, it gave me confidence to share it!

Some awesome songs that remind me of them, and I do intend to add more eventually~ Suggestions are also nice! It would be cool if this became a thing that all of the Reigisa shippers could enjoy~

I headcanon the shit out of Nagisa being a big Lady Gaga fan, and no one can convince me otherwise.

Whereabouts in New Zealand are you from? :3 Can i ask how old you are as well??


I’m what they’d call a JAFA—Just Another Fucking Aucklander lmao

So far I’ve lived 1/4 of a century, feeling like I’m already one of the Ancients around these parts actually. /distant sagely staring

Thanks for the tag tawnyport, sorry this is way tardy!!

Name: Yoona (it’s pretty and elegant but too much so for me ahah I prefer my nickname)

Nickname: Yoon 

Birthday: 10th March


Sexuality: Cruising between demisexual/asexual 

Height: 5’5”/166cm

Time Zone: GMT+12

The time and date: 11:50pm, 28th September

Average hours of sleep each night: 7

OTPs: [ Mean Girls Janis voice ] I’m one of the most colossal multi-shippers you will ever meet. Though the one I’m stuck hard in inferno with right now is HaruMako

Last thing I googled was: how to make a div inherit width of container

First thing that comes to mind: when do I have to get up to make it on time tomorrow?

One place that makes me happy and why: late afternoon sun striking through open fields and tall trees, kinda like these. My chest feels like it has opened up a new cavity and actually moves me to tears. I’m so so grateful that I live here. 

How many blankets I sleep under: Currently, 3

Favorite beverage: green tea, fruit smoothies and oreo/vanilla thickshakes

The last movie I saw at the theater was: Before I go to sleep

Some advice for my followers: "Above the running sod, there’s a flying sod" - some proverb I grew up with saying there will always be someone better than you and in time made personal—as there will be someone better, there’ll also be those you’re better than.

It’s important to look up to the ones ‘above me’, so to speak, to envision where I want to be but ultimately I need to keep my eyes ahead of me or get KO’d the fuck out into a pole/open manhole and then what? Flyer, runner, crawler what have you, train your eyes on where you’re going lest it deters your progress.

Also, don’t devour a whole box of fundraiser chocolates just because it calls out to you like the universe has aligned the happenstance. Just trust me on this one.

Pick a Song: Shuffle says… Around the Bend - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

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