…Thus, the full cast of the Monster!AU is born!!
And to think all this branched off from one doodle. orz

Costume design was very tricky and hard and time consuming, but it was very very fun! I had lots of fun drawing different kinds of clothes, cried about capes and collars and a bunch of other things, but it was a very rewarding experience for my slowly growing art skills.

My personal favourite design still has to be Nagisa though. I drew him first and I think his design looks best/is most original of them all! *V*


I AM KUROKO Sweatshirts arrived earlier than expected! I will hopefully ship half of them on Monday and the rest on Tuesday!!! And with that I begin preorder round 2!!! 

Preorder Round 2/ AX2014 Pickup ENDS MAY 1st
Each sweatshirt is $40, 50cotton/50polyester printed in plastisol ink with designs printed on the chest and sleeves! If you are interested,purchase at my storenvy!! For those attending Anime Expo 2014, you can also choose to pick up the preorder at the convention! Thank you so much! And thank you to etlui for posing for me! ^^


She asked me if I’ve noticed the influx of shota in the Free!dom and if it was my thing. I whispered… 'Only if you joined in'.

Hahaha I’m placing an unreal amount of pressure on her to decide our fate for us. If she resists, we stay on this sterile end of the dump but if she relinquishes, off the both of us go to join the filthy pigpile. We shall see! u v u